About TGIK Games

TGIK Games is a board game design studio and publisher. We makes games for the hobby gamer, casual gamer and educational games.

With our blog, we have a few different goals depending on the reader.

Designers: We want to give designers tools to help them design their games and give them things to think about in order to inspire more games and make the games they already have better.

Gamers: We want to give gamers an insight as to how we, as designers, see the world of games. We would love for all gamers to try their hand as design because we believe it give a new layer to the enjoyment of games, but we know it is not for everyone.

Interested in the World of Games: We want new people to the hobby to know that games are more than what you see on the surface. Games are a tool that can accomplish a lot between the people who play them, the educational potential, experience of other worlds, expansion of imagination etc. Games have a lot to offer and we want new or interested people to the hobby to see that.

Here are a few of the different series we run on our blog:

Podcast: We have started a Podcast. We talk about games and game design from the point of view of a designer in 1d6 plus 15 min.

How to Build a Game: We talk about tips and trick and different ways to think about the games we make and play

Let’s Design a Game: We take you through the journey of creating a game

What Games Mean to Us: Games mean different things to different people, this series covers what games mean to us

Educational Series: We explore potential uses for games in a school setting and think about different ways lessons can be taught using game principles

11 thoughts on “About TGIK Games

      • Awesome, I hope you enjoy the ride. It’s been a fun one so far. Feel free to reach out if you want us to cover anything we missed that you’d like to hear. Thanks for listening!

      • I was really interested to hear your (recentish) conversation on Priests of Olympus. Joe suggested stripping out part of the game to let the Ping-pong combat “shine.” Obviously this would possibly wipe out a lot of the work you’ve done on the other parts and that suggestion was dropped. It made me think about “designer investment”: how your relationship with a design effects how it develops.

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