Creative Journey: Luxe System Outline Done-ish

Creative Journal #3 Stick around, I’m sharing some story line this evening 🙂

This week was mostly about getting the first Luxe System book from an idea to an outline and possibly start writing?????

I can tell you that as of an hour ago, the outline is done-ish. Why the -ish?

Since I’ve taken the “standard” three act approach, I was trying to break the story up into three pieces. The first 13 chapters are are Act I, the next 14 chapters are Act II and the rest of the book is Act III. Did you catch that? I have no idea how long the final act is going to be. BUT I do know what is going to happen.

On Friday night, I was having a hard time sitting down and writing chapter specifics for the outline. After sitting at the computer for 30 min and making no progress, I decided to stop looking at this specifically and write up the basic story arc for each act. I moved the main character from the trade hub to an outpost construction site. I got half way through Act III and I realized I had no good climax for the story. I scrapped what I had in Act III up to then and reconstructed the story.

The similarities between story building and board game building make story writing feel like home.

Saturday I took the day off from creative projects and today, Sunday, I wanted to start writing the book, which meant writing the outline. I was able to get Act II written, yay! What I noticed was the level of detail started to drop as the chapters went by. By the time I got to Act III, I did not know enough about where the details of the story were going for me to put Act III into an outline. SO……once Act II was done, I decided to put the major plot points into the outline for Act III and I will get to it later.

What this means is……’s time for some actual writing of this book!

So what is this first Luxe System novel about? Well……the name of the book is, The Trade Moon of Luxe. The main character is named Sarah and she wants to work on the trade moon. Working in a little different on the moon as people are in charge of  a fleet of bots. The bots are used to move goods, inspect ships, make repairs and build structures. There are jobs which need to be performed by people but for the most part, jobs are meant to be done by the bots.

Sarah is able to get a job on the Trade Moon. She needs to figure out how to work in a place where women are not welcome but she is skilled enough to run circles around the other bot fleets in the moon. She is looking for new technologies she can apply to her bots and she is constantly customizing what her bots are capable of. The thing with these bots is that, the connectors and ports are standard, what the workers do with the bots themselves is up to them. The bots being used on the trade moon are as unique as the people who run them.

After spending some time working on the docks of the trade hub, the story moves to an outpost where Sarah and a small group of workers are tasked with building the first mining outpost on the moon. The trouble is, there are other people who are interested in mining the moon and this is still space, there are dangers abound when humans leave the relative safety of Luxe. While Sarah and crew are away from the main hub, there is a new government building/module being added to the trade moon. A trade moon which was run by the men who owned the docks, is getting a new governing body, what could possibly go wrong?

I think that is enough for now. I don’t know how much I want to say before I give away a spoiler or say more than I want to commit to in the story.

Have a great week and when I make more progress on this or other creative projects I’m working on, I will place that update here!

Keep Making!!!! -Chris

PS I did spend some time today watching YouTube videos on what it would be like to live on the moon and what asteroid mining would entail. I like to use these kinds of videos and reason-ability checks for what I am thinking when I write these scenarios.

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