Re-purpose the Blog……Creative Exploration

Hi There……it’s been a while…..

We spent a few years making games and it was quite the ride. We did a lot of learning and got to the point where we ran a Kickstarter campaign, funded and sent the game out to our backers.

Unfortunately, we did not have the time or energy it requires to turn what is an awesome hobby into regular gig. Whatever “regular” was intended to mean, as the demands of real life started to mount, we have to take a step away from the podcast, designing and pretty much the industry as a whole.

Where I am at now, I am a hobby free agent who is ready to get back into making games, but not as aggressively as I was before. I am also writing a novel….er…..novels? I am also working on a personal process improvement. The goal is to make myself better at the things which will advance my career and will also provide me with the creative outlet I know I need.

What this all means is I will be re-purposing the blog to be a story about creative growth and personal improvement. For now, I don’t think I will be changing the name as everything I do I think can be turned into a game. I’m learning to program so I can grow at work and maybe make games. I write so I can tell better stories to go with the games I want to make. I will get back into game design because at the end of the day, I think I am a game designer first and everything else creative second.

The reality is that I need to have these other projects going so when I hit road blocks in on place I can jump to a different project and make progress there. I hope to have interesting stories to share and lessons learned over the course of the next creative chapter. I don’t yet know all the different things I will be producing but I am ready to start producing content again and I hope you will come along for the ride.


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