Bringing the Blog Back!

Hi There–

Its been a while since I’v written anything on this blog with the intent to follow it up with regular written content. I wanted to jump on here and let you know the blog will be coming back! I have a few writing projects in the works and its about time I get around to sharing them with you.

The Projects

  • How to Build a Game 2.0
    • Yes, I am bringing back How to Build a Game. The plan is to go through all the posts and update what was written the first time around. A lot has changed since the first go around with H2BaG and I wanted to re-read the posts and see how I felt with what I said then vs how I feel about the subject now. Once I get to the end of the original run, if there is more to say, or if you would like me to talk about specific topics, I will keep going and add newer content to the series
  • The Luxe System
    • I have been working on a world build…..I guess you could call it? Basically I have been working on a creative side project that is mostly story telling with the idea of using a pre-made world to generate other kinds of content. It is called The Luxe System and I am looking forward to sharing the world with you as it grows and develops into a real thing. What I can tell you now is that it is an economic based story that has a main planet with 2 moons, one of which has been turned into a local trade port for the entire region of space. The main planet has several nations that have their own way of looking at the world and have to deal with the idea of their home system being a trade hub to the many species and races travelling in to, out of and through their travel hubs.
  • Random Releases
    • There are topics I come across that have to do with games directly, and sometime indirectly that I believe can help designers and gamers. Sometimes that is inspirational, sometimes it is a new look at an old thing and sometimes it is a powerful thought I feel like sharing. Now….because almost all my non-family free time is game related, these writings will be centered around the subject. But I think there are times when we all need a little jolt out of our head space and pointed at a different star, if only for a moment.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into a blog routine. Right now, I plan to release new content on Fridays. The should keep the content fresh for a while until I build the back log even deeper. I hope you enjoy the ride on the new blog, I hope you get something from the freshened up H2BaG pieces and I hope to get your feedback on what will help you be a better designer or gamer.

Also, I will still be linking the podcast (when I remember to) so you will see those flash by every now and then too.

Thanks again for being a reader/listener and I hope you have a great day.

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