Remind Me Until its Habit

It takes a lot of time to do a craft. If you want to take that craft to another level, you need to dedicate the time. When you are starting out, there could be an extended period where you mind wants to fight the process. Getting up every weekend and working your craft. Do you get up at the same time, do you start work at the same time?

Weeks, months, or years down the road people will see how much you can accomplish in the course of a few hours. The truth is, what you accomplish in those hours will be set up by reminding yourself everyday for a long time to work your craft.

There will be many times where it is easier to watch the next episode or listen to one more song and play one more video……and…….thats ok. As long as you are looking towards the end goal.

Its almost like you can tell yourself it is ok to take a break, or delay your morning work knowing that tomorrow you will start a little bit earlier.

I’m not saying this is for everyone, it takes a lot of discipline to not let yourself fall into the trap of never working. You have to reminder yourself to get going everyday until it becomes a habit. Once you are going everyday, reminder yourself to get started a little earlier. Keep your end goal in mind as you build your own process. Just like the products we build, we also need to build the process and that is not as straight forward as it seems.

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