Compartmentalizing Fear

There are a lot of things that scare me as I do what I want to do. When I was younger I would have told myself that it was ok to quit. Now I don’t have any issues with quitting, but quitting for the wrong reasons is what worries me.

But this isn’t about quitting…..

As what we do becomes more serious, I need to look at my fears and tell myself that it is ok to be “afraid”. I use air quotes here because I don’t want to give the word more power than it deserves. I can carry on doing what I want to do and have the fears along for the ride.

The fears need to be understood as to why they are there and what are the things I can do to make those fears go away. Sometimes the answer is…..there is nothing you can do right now. What do I do about that? I need to place that fear in its own place to be dealt with later. I need to carry on with the things that I love and let the fears work themselves out when the time comes. I know the fears are there and I can identify when I think they should be dealt with.

Giving fears their own place to exist outside the scope of the passion is what allows me to function. Knowing the fears are there and coming up with a plan to get past them will give me a road map for going forward.

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