Speed Plays coming from TGIK Games

Once we are done with the Mars 4 :45 kickstarter we are going to start filming speed plays of board games. This will be a Youtube based series to start and we’ll maybe move to Twitch after we get into a routine.

This post is going to serve two purposes

  1. Get the word out that we are going to be filming speed plays…..check!
  2. Find out what games you would like to see played as fast as possible

The plan is to play games as close to the intended experience as possible, yet see how quickly we can finish a game. We will not cut corners but we will try to do more than one thing at a time if the flow of the game allows for it.

We have a list of games that people would like to see speed played, we want to know from you what you would like to see speed played. So please let us know either here or on Twitter/Facebook and we will get the games on the list!

Find us on Twitter (Follow Us!) and Facebook (Like Us!)

If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment here or email Chris at c.renshall.tgik.games@gmail.com


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