Get a feel for Mars 4:45 online!

Aidan has been working on a digital version of Mars 4:45 and we are ready to release the first version of the digital game.

Click Here to Play! (

There are two difficulty levels. If you beat the game you will get a surprise at the end.

This is still being built and this is not meant to be the full experience of the game. It will give you the rushed feeling Mars 4:45 is so good at providing and lets you feel the thrill and agony of losing out on claiming a unit. As updates are made they will happen automatically so please check back from time to time.

Basic on how to play:

  • Click on 1s and they will fill a spot on your screen if it is available. If it isn’t the 1s will not move.
  • To move any number card other than a one to the middle of the board, first click on the card you want to move and then click on the unit you want to move that card to.
  • You can move cards from your hand to your shelves (your shelves are the 3 face up columns)
  • The goal of the game is to run out of cards before the other player
  • To fill an empty column click on the face down pile of supplies on the left of your screen.

Those are the basics, there will be an instruction set added in the next update but for now, the basics above should get you though the game.


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