Mars 4:45 The Resource Module: Ore Excavation

When the Colonists get all set up on the Red Planet, they are going to start looking towards the future. That means the collection of resources starting with looking for and mining different ores. The resources taken from these ore stocks will make up the materials that will help expand from colonies to martian cities. The Resource Module is a very robust unit and the colony only needs one as part of a complete colony.

“We hit a seam of Iron ore today, running tests on on samples from excavation sites 1, 5 &6.”

Click to See Larger Image

Click to See Larger Image

We need your help! This will be our first game going to Kickstarter and we need to spread the word. We are looking at a Sept 1st to launch so over the next two months I hope you get to know the theme, art and mechanics of the game.  Please give the rules a read and watch our tutorial videos. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We want this game to succeed and we want you to get to know and enjoy this game as much as we do.

The art for Mars 4:45 is by Jason Washburn from Talon Strikes Studios

If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment here or email Chris at

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