Cardboard Architects Ep. #41 Mechanics Done DIfferent

Episode Forty – One

We talk about how we take mechanics we see over and over and make them our own.



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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Architects Ep. #41 Mechanics Done DIfferent

  1. I have to agree that I always look for weird methods of doing combat. It’s just one of those mechanics in a game that never feels flavorful and cohesive. The best example of combat done flavorfully is in the Game of Thrones LCG in how characters can fight on different fronts. I also recently experimented with card drawing and seeing if any lessons learned from TCG’s can apply to non-constructed deck games.

    • I need to check out GoT combat. I always forget how it works. Thank you for the reminder! Combat has so many variables and the results always feel crappy for the losing player…. Ugh….. Combat……

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