Gamer Guests: Let’s Talk About the Games We Play

We want to talk to gamers about the games we play and get a more rounded prespective about what is really happening inside the games we love to play.

Talking to designers is awesome. There is a lot to learn from the different ways designers go about making the games in their heads. We also talk about the games we play but there is a bias that I think most designers have when they play games. Designers play games as both gamers and as designers. We are always breaking things down and asking questions of the game as we play it. What we would like to add is a conversation between gamers and designers. What are gamers thinking when they come across different mechanics and themes. What do they like about the games they play? What makes them dislike a game? What kind of experience(s) are they looking for when they pick up a game?  We have tons of questions and we want to talk to you about it. I am positive there are a lot of designers and publishers out there that would love to hear those answers.

P.S. This conversation is not limited to board games. This conversation applies to digital games as well, so if that is your area of interest please get a hold of us.

If you are interested, or know a gamer that would want to chat about the games they play, please pass this post along and hit me up on twitter/facebook/email so we can talk about the timing and logistics.

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