How to Build a Game #88 So…..Many……Games

Now that Gen Con and Essen have past I wanted to take a moment to write about something I mentioned on the podcast last week. I don’t know if designers worry about the number games that are being released but I don’t think we need to really spend time worrying about the number of games coming out during the year and at conventions. Even if a game is released and its close to one of our ideas we are working on; I view this as an opportunity.

True, it might kill off one of our ideas, but I think it is a reminder that we need to work hard to find the thing that makes our game special. We have to take the time to tell our players why they want to play our game. It has this special thing that the other game does not. Tell your players why there is room in their collection to have both games.

Of course, if you are working on one project at a time, this can be a serious gut punch, but I think that is another good reason for designers to be working on more than one game at a time. Even if you are working on one project, what changes to the theme or the mechanics can you make to give your game a new look?

No doubt, it sucks if this happens, but use this moment to adjust the game, your design approach, your marketing approach and keep going while making adjustments, or moving onto the next project.

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