How to Build a Game #87 Impact Moments

This doesn’t apply to every game in the world, but what are the impact moment in your game? What are the moments that everyone stands up? Is it a battle between the two strongest players? Is it a die roll? What are the moments everyone has set up their strategy for and the game altering item is revealed?

These are the moments people remember when they are playing a game. There are some impact moments that don’t work well and there are others that are amazing. We are not going to cover the good and bad of impact moments. What I want to talk about is the importance of these moments and what kind of questions we should be asking ourselves as designers.

Do we need to add more moments like this into the game? Is the appeal of this moment the fact that it is scarce? How many people are involved in the impact moment? Do I need to add more players? Do I need to take players away? What are the players not directly involved doing during impact moments? How can players benefit from these moments? How can players prepare and protect or enhance these moments for themselves?

I am not going to type out all the question I have in mind. What I want to get across is the idea that these moments need more thought given to them. These are the moments that will sell our games to the publishers we pitch and the players who will play our games and tell their friends to play the game.

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