Guest Post: Bevan of Talking Tinkerbots – Break the Block

I have been bogged down with….wait for it……game design! What a crazy idea that is, huh? The result of a big design session this weekend and a lot of podcast editing, I have no new articles this week! However, thanks to Gino and Bevan from Talking Tinkerbots, they have allowed me to feature a couple of their articles this week. If you haven’t listened to their podcast, you should look them up and go through their archives. They are one of my favorite gaming podcasts. Also be on the lookout for their game Ghostel coming to Kickstarter. A big thank you to Gino and Bevan for helping out with content this week. I will have more for you all next week, including another guest post about a current Kickstarter campaign. Enough preamble, lets get to the good stuff.

The following is the first part of Bevan’s Article. Please follow the link  at the end to see read the rest of the article.

Break the Block

By – Bevan of Talking Tinkerbots

Hi folks! So last week I posted an update which included my unfortunate realisation that at some point in the last few months I’d hit something all designers dread; Writer’s Block. Now this really sucked, but I was super lucky to have a very supportive family and friends around, in particular my wife who helped me talk through it and take the metaphorical Creative Jackhammer to that Block and crush it to Creative aggregate and spread it on my Creative Zen Garden (too much metaphor? Sorry, aren’t you glad I’m not a writer!).

So here’s how I got through this tough time….

Please follow this link for the rest of the article: Break the Block



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