How to Build a Game #78 Beat the Idea Block

The thought of Idea Block kind of freaks me out. But I know there are designers out there that experience it so I wanted to write a post about it. The only way I can think to help is to write down what I think I would do in case of idea block and hope that gets anyone out there with idea block on the path to idea generation.

I would start by playing published games I had never played before. Particularly games that had mechanics or themes that I have not used in any of my previous games. Beyond that, I would pull out my notebooks of ideas and see what I wrote down months/years ago. Maybe I could read over my notes while I was playing those games and try to apply the different mechanics of themes to my older ideas that never made it past the idea phase.

After that, I would revisit some of my inspirational resources. I’d YouTube some video games and see if that got any of my creative juices flowing. I would also chat with my designer friends and tell them I had idea block. We could use the time to throw around ideas, or listen to them throw around ideas.

While the idea of getting idea block freaks me out, I don’t think it would be difficult to get back on the saddle. At the very least, I have a plan to help myself should the day come.

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4 thoughts on “How to Build a Game #78 Beat the Idea Block

  1. Another great article! I’ve recently blogged on exactly the same thing, would it be crass to leave a link?

    The idea of watching some YouTube vids on video games isn’t something I’ve ever considered, will have to give that a go next time I hit the wall!

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