So You Want to be a Playtester? #9 Giving Feedback

The main reason we are all here testing games is to give and get feedback. Designers are going to many different ways to go about getting feedback. If this is an organized playtesting convention, there will be pre-printed forms for you to fill out. Some designers will have their own forms and some will ask you questions and write down the answers.

No matter the method there is one phrase you need to keep in mind: Be Honest and Brutal

Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. If you want to be helpful to the designer then give the most honest feedback you can. If you are not really comfortable giving back feedback, think of ways to word it when it comes to parts of the game you don’t like. Maybe you can mention one thing you didn’t like and mention two others you did like.

Don’t be afraid to be hard on the game. Think about the game as if you want to play it at game night. What about the game do you want to see changed in order to take this game to game night and show it to your friends? When I say brutal, I mean that you should not give the game a pass because it is a prototype. Be fair to the prototype in terms of art and theme, but look at the mechanics and make sure that the game works. If it doesn’t tell the designer, be brutal.

As designers, we really appreciate you taking the time to test our games and we want you to test more of them. We want you to be honest and break our games. You are an important part that goes into making our games become a reality and we will never forget it. We hope you enjoy the games and we hope that you feel comfortable enough to give us some honest and brutal feedback.

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