Board Game Evangelist

This is the kind of thing I would tweet about but the stories will take more than 140 characters so I figured I would write a quick post about it.

A co-worker of mine asked me last week about the game of Life. We talked about her and her family playing the game at home and how her son was doing with the game. We talked about the games her and her family played and she was thinking about bringing out Monopoly but was worried about the length and how her son would do with the longer game and how he would do if he lost.

I happened to have my copy of Machi Koro in my office so I took the opportunity to email her the link to the Watch it Played video of Machi Koro and I offered to let her borrow my copy of the game. She enthusiastically took the game and said her family would probably play it that night. The next day, I asked her if they played and she said yes. She said the game was a lot of fun and they were going to look to get a copy of their own.

Feeling bold, I looked up fours games that I thought would be fun for her family to play. I went down the list of Watch if Played videos and found Rampage, Gravwell, Boss Monster and Splendor. I have a copy of Gravwell and let her know she could borrow it whenever she wanted.

I went to Michaels to get some prototype supplies and when I was checking out, the cashier asked me if what I was purchasing was all for the same project. I told him yes and no. I use all the supplies to design board games  but I use them for different board games. He perked up immediately when I said this and said it was really cool I designed games. He asked me what games I had designed and I told him they were games that were yet to get to market and we were going to Kickstart them later this year. I asked him is him what his favorite game was and he reference two mass market games.

We were done with our transaction so I told him that he should check out Ticket to Ride, it was available at target and it is a good gateway game. He smiled and said he would look for it. I have no idea if he will, I wish I had had a business card on me.

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