Let’s Design a Game #11 Random Thoughts…Major Problems and 2 Players

This post out of order but it is part of the process so I am going to insert it here and give you fair warning.

The first time I talked to Aidan about this game, I dawned on me that we have a real problem with two players. Players are going to know, just by looking at the open contracts, who is the owner of which contract. The other major problem we had at the time was how we were going to handle the agent side of the bidding process.

The entire time I was thinking that one player would be working on one job. It never occurred to me to have all the players in the game have agents working the same job. I was thinking about how to get a contract owner to accept specific agents without giving up their identity. This was a major issue because the whole idea of the game is to not know who you are working for. I honestly thought the game was dead.

At the time these issues came up. I was a few days away from figuring out the solutions. The two player problem is currently solved with a couple random cards drawn from a dummy hand. The agent problem, as you have seen in a previous post, has been solved with the use of player specific tokens and allowing all agents supplied to a job to participate in the job.

What I would like you to take from this is that I really thought these were game breaking problems when they came up. I was not sure we could come up with a two player variant, nor did I think the agent bidding problem could be solved without changing the entire concept of the game. Yet, the solution to both of these problems is as easy as a couple more cards to throw people off each other’s tracks and a simple token for each player.

There might be some major issues that come up during and after testing, but there are solutions out there to the problems we face in our games and the willingness to look for and find them can solve most of the problems out design will face.

Please feel free to visit the Google Doc of this project.

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