Let’s Design a Game #8 Checking in With Aidan Part 2

We spent most of the time talking about the main mechanic, but the benefit of working with a co-designer are the ideas that can spawn and being able to talk about them immediately. Aidan had the idea to change the agents and the contract owners to just colors. There would be many colors for players to be and their identity would be hidden until they were done with that color, think Small World and setting your race into decline. As jobs were being completed, the contracts and the color owner would be set to the side and displayed for everyone to see. Players would not be able to collect on the jobs until they revealed who they were. Players could have agents they are upgrading over time so they need to balance how much reward they take in vs how fast they want to upgrade. I guess there would also have to be an incentive to let your jobs ride.

The game idea aside, what I want to get across is the generation of a new idea and how excited we were when we started talking about the new idea. We would not jump off the current project to chase the side ideas, but we make notes, talk out the idea for 10-15 minutes and set it aside until we get around to looking at it.

We did talk about the worker placement idea (#6) and we were both excited to start working on the game. I think what that means is I will start developing the worker placement game in parallel with “Who Are You Working For?” (I guess I just working titled the project) If that sounds like a lot of work, there is a lot of down time gaps in projects. As soon as one game is ready for testing, I need to develop other games. My only real concern is being able to keep up with a blog schedule for two games. There could be times when I make some great development progress on one game and have tests going on with another. I don’t think it will be a problem in the end, but the thought still crosses my mind.

Link to the Google Doc for this project

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