Let’s Design a Game #2 Picking the Project

I spent a couple days thinking about the list of game ideas and there were three that stood out to me. Projects 1 (Blind Negotiation), 6 (Worker Placement) and 4 (Collecting Allies) were the most interesting to me.

While I like the idea of collecting allies and using them to fight your enemies, I was seeing this game as a combat driven game. I am sure I could turn it into a game that was far different from a combat game but that was a level of thinking that I was not sure I wanted to put into a project at this point. This is teh kind of project where I will think about it when I am burnt out on the other games I am working on and let my fried brain wander and try to find some other theme to use other than combat. If, at the end of that exercise, I can’t find another good theme, I will progress with combat. All that being said, I want to start with a project that I have a good vision of where I want to go and the Ally collector project is not it.

Next up is the Worker Placement project. If I am honest, I think I like this idea the most. However, I want to get more of Aidan’s input on this game because this kind of game and theme is really up our ally. What this means is that I will probably develop this project slowly for now and when we get an opening in our development queue we will ramp up the development speed on this game. I will blog my way through the development of that games as well but the pace with which this game is developed is not the pace I need in order to run a regular blog.

So that means…..

We will be following the progress of the Negotiation Game. What I like about this game is that the main mechanic is a challenge. I need to figure out how to get players to negotiate with one another and not know who they are negotiating with. This appeals to me for two reasons. When I play games like this with my buddies, we try and mess with each other on purpose and may not act in out own best interests. I think this kind of game is a good way to reduce or remove this kind of game play. I also like it because at some point during the game, players are going to reveal who they are working for. The moment of tension and not knowing sounds like a lot of fun to me and I want to explore that path.

Now that we have picked our project, we are off to the white board to map this out and get our thoughts in order.

Please feel free to visit the Google Doc of this project.

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