How to Build a Game #61 Leave Your Fear Behind

Your game is good enough to be tested. Your willingness to attempt to make a game, will give you instant credibility with the gaming crowd.

From time to time I come across new designers that are afraid of how their game will be received if they show it to anyone. In my experience, when we show our games to other gamers, their first impression is to be wowed that we were able to put a game together. Regardless of the initial quality of your game, there are a group of people out there that are willing to play your game for you and give you some feedback.

If you are still worried, find one person who is willing to give your game a play. Don’t play the entire game, just test the concept of the game. Testing pieces of your idea is a good start and when you have confidence that the pieces are good enough to plug into one “complete” game, take it to a larger group. By now, you should have at least a little bit of confidence in your idea to have people give you some full play through feedback.

I hope that new designers out there will not let fear stop them from making their games. Find confidence in one small piece of your game and run with it. Keep designing and refining your game in small pieces and you will eventually find the confidence to present your ideas to the group.

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    • Awesome, all I need is an email so I can add you to the standing invite. I send out reminders a couple times the week of a hangout. This week is a hangout week, btw.

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