How to Build a Game #59 Expand Your Skill Horizons

Part of making your games successful is expanding your skills outside of design in order to make your games successful. The skills I am talking about are include marketing, communication, public speaking, sales, market research and the list goes on.

You can design the greatest game in the world, but if you are not able to teach your game to play testers or pitch your game to publishers your game will not reach it’s full potential. If you are not marketing and advertising your game, it will miss a lot of eyeballs that could potentially be interested in your game. If you intent to make a game to be sold on the market and you are not aware of the kinds of games/mechanics/themes the market likes (or more importantly, dislikes), you will have a hard time making a successful selling game.

Avoiding the pitfalls of making and getting games into the hands of the people who like your games requires more than just the ability to design a game. Designing is the easy part,building the skills that supplement your games ability to build a fan base is the difficult part and is something you need to consider if you want to have a game that is successful.

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