What Games Mean to Me #17 My Brain Craves Games

Games turn my brain on.

I don’t know if my brain is wired for games but when I play games I feel like my brain is working at peak efficiency. That is not to say I play them any better or I turn this peak efficiency into winning, but I do feel like my brain is firing on all cylinders. I learn games relatively quickly and I really like the learning process and trying to figure out the best strategies.

Games are a great opportunity for me to fail over and over and try things out every time I play a game. I think what games ultimately offer to my brain is a method to systematically organize and think about the options that are in front of me.

I will close with an example. When I was in High School, the game of choice among my friends was Spades. I love Spades, I am good at it, it is simple and it is a lot of fun. I was recently introduced to Wizard and my Spades brain was in heaven. Even though it was the first time playing the game, I jumped into organizing my cards and thinking about what I needed to bid. It took me 5 rounds to figure out how the wizard and the joker really effect the bidding system, but after that I was on a roll. I was able to go from last to second (six player game) over the course of the last half of the game.

My brain felt happy, if that makes sense.

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