Falling into the Trap

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may have notice a lack of posts for the last 3 weeks or so. We are still here but I think the pace at which I was trying to produce content was taking away from what I really enjoy doing with my board game time….designing games. For several months I was able to write a blog for everyday during the week and design games on the weekends and at night. As the momentum grew, I wanted to start a podcast (I still plan on this), we started a Google hangout for designers and we started working on the idea of YouTube channel with us doing speed plays of long and/or popular games.

The truth is, all of these things are still in the works. However, I have had to ask myself what I want to be in the board game world. Do I want to be a blogger. YouTuber, designer, publisher….? The fact is, all of these things are possible, just not at the pace I was trying to achieve for the first two months of this year. If board games were the only thing that I was doing, I could do them all with no issue. However, with a life to live and a regular job, I need to remind myself that it is ok to hit the reset button and change the pace of what I was trying to do. I also need to remind myself that focusing on the blog more than I focus on designing games is not what I set out to do. I am a game designer/publisher that happens to write a blog.

So what does this all mean?

I was running four different blog series before I took a break and I will continue to write those series, however I will be writing and publishing at a slower pace. We are still working on the YouTube speed play idea and I am thinking about the idea of designing a game completely on YouTube. At first, I think that might be boring to watch, but I also think there might be some interest to see a game come together. I can also interact with people and let the game be designed with community input. I also want to start up the podcast again and get that going.

In conclusion, I still plan to do all the things I was doing before, but in a different order of time spent and a willingness to be ok if and when a project needs to be delayed.

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