Why We Should Play Games #2 Parents and Children

Games have the power to teach young children basic concepts, encourage time spent playing with their parents and fulfill a child’s need to master new skills. Children can play games that help them master skills like number, letter and color recognition.

Games provide a setting where parents and children and spend time together working towards a common goal. Games allow for a quick turn around on failure. Games provide a structure that allows for parents to guide their child through a task that has and end game in mind and can allow their child to feel accomplished when they reach a goal.

Games don’t have to be overly difficult to teach children the skills listed above. When parents are able to guide their children through a playing experience, both parent cna child go through a shared experience of not only learning the game but learning each other. Parents can look at this activity as a method to learn their child’s learning skills. Maybe their child learns better with words games or visual games. Games give parents a way to identify their child’s skills and being able to identify these skills can help a child exponentially over time.

Games are also great exposure for both parents and children to modern board game mechanics. If the parents are not hobby gamers, they have the opportunity to learn modern game mechanics along with their children. As both parents and child get used to mechanics, they can “graduate” to more complex mechanics if they want to further explore the world of modern designer board games.

Games ultimately, have the ability to strengthen the bond between parent and child. We will explore more benefits for parents and children in future posts. For now, these are some of the best “starter benefits” board games how to offer.

Do you have any experience playing games with your children? Are there any particular games that have worked better for you with interacting with your child or games that seemed to be more helpful for your child? Can you think of a game that you would suggest to a friend or family member to play with their child?

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