Board Games Used For Education #1 Intro

I firmly believe that games (including board games, RPGs, video and others) could be the basis for a good education system. We recently wrote about why we like games as an educational tool and after the comments we heard from people we thought we would start a new series about our detailed ideas for what could be done with games in a school setting.

Let me place my disclaimer here. I am not an educator or a child development specialist. I realize there are details that would make some of our ideas very difficult to accomplish. So, if you want to tell me why my idea is crazy, please leave me a comment and I would be happy to make adjustments to our ideas to make them more realistic.

What I do want to do is get the ideas out in the world for people to think about, talk about, and possible take action. While I am not in a place to make direct changes to classrooms, maybe one of our readers is a teacher and they think one of our ideas, or an idea they get from reading our posts, is worth giving a shot in their classroom.

Both Aidan and I have a passion for the education system. We have spent a good amount of time thinking about ways to make a games based school a possibility. While I don’t think we will get to a point where we are running a school based on gaming systems, we will continue to think about the possibilities that games offer to students as another method to learn and reinforce the subjects taught in school.

If you have any ideas on how games can make great educational tools, please share them in the comments section or email us at

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4 thoughts on “Board Games Used For Education #1 Intro

  1. Here ya go!

    Also, read the following authors: Jane McGonigal, Kurt Squire, Karl Kapp, James Paul Gee, Raph Koster, and Jesse Schell.

    Mountains of qualitative research and even a few quantitative studies support your view. Start with ERIC (Education Resources Information Center). This link will get you started:

    Also, check out TeachThought, Edutopia, and Games For Change as well.

    Good luck on your journey. Cheers!

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  3. Your games is so interesting that makes me very happy. i all time want to think about something, but your games fulfill that. I am thinking about, talking about, and possible taking action.Now I am busy playing games. Thanks A lot.

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