What Games Mean to Me #14 Goal Setting….Sort of

If my high school cross country coach reads this, I am sorry. Goals have never stuck with me. When I ran cross country, we had to write down goals and we had to write them in the present tense. As much as I wanted to believe what I was writing, I was never good at challenging myself to run a sub 5 minute mile (5:35 is my personal best) or sub 11 minute two mile. I think I was there more for the social aspect of being on the team and spending time with my friends. Not to say I wasn’t trying, I just never had strong feelings towards goals and writing them down never did it for me.

Today, I still don’t really get the warm and fuzzies from writing down goals, BUT what games have done for me is make me look at what I need to do to build a board game company.

I still don’t like to write down my goals because that type of thing just doesn’t work for me. What does work for me is my drive to make a games based living work for me and that one huge overarching goal is enough to make me keep going on a daily basis. I don’t really go for resolutions either, but this year (2015) I want to work on TGIK Games, the company, every single day. And I am not just talking about spending ten minutes writing a blog post. I need to be doing research, reading relevant blogs that will help me learn what I need to in order to make it and survive in this industry. If I had sat down 18 months ago and written down the goal to build and run a board game company, I would not have been motivated by the words I wrote on that index card. What drives me are the words I write down every day of the tasks I have accomplished and the things I have learned.

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