How to Build a Game #52 How to Fix Things (#4)


I love drafting cards. It is one of my all-time favorite mechanics. What I don’t like about drafting is the amount of time it can take for the drafting deck to get around the table. There are times when Analysis Paralysis takes over and “people speed bumps” slow down the procedure. There are times when the group is big and it just takes a long time for the deck to makes its way around the table.

What I really don’t like about these situations is that a mechanic I love can be its own worst enemy. There are people at the table that are waiting for the cards to get to them. When we are using drafting as a mechanic for a game, we always split the deck and have multiple piles moving around the table at one time.

A nice side effect of splitting the deck for drafting, is the hidden information generated after the drafting round is done. I was never a fan of drafting systems where alert players can deduce, based on their spot in line, which players might have picked which cards. I realize that strategy could be argued as good gamesmanship, but that situation for this mechanic always left a bad taste in my mouth. Because of this, I like to make sure that there is at least some level of “hmm…they could have anything in their hand.”

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