What Games Mean to Me #13 Help me Exercise

Before I got into game design, my daily routine was to wake up really early, go to work, drive home, lay down on the couch and nap until my wife got home, make dinner. Then games came along and while I wanted to get work done before my wife got home, I did not have the energy levels required to continue working the way I wanted to when I got home from work. Try as I might, I still took a nap more often than not, but I was able to start getting some work done on games in the evening. However, that was not enough to really think I was taking the board game design hobby seriously.

I realized that I needed to change my routine and get my energy levels back up so I could have two full time jobs at one time. I started running again and I started to do some yoga on my own. If I am honest, I have been on again off again with the exercise and yoga for about a year now, but my overall fitness has improved, and more importantly, I don’t take naps as soon as I get home from work anymore. I get a lot more work done and I finally feel like I am taking the board game business building and designing seriously.

Not to mention the “side benefits” of being in better shape and not feeling like a couch potato all the time. When I am on a longer run and I feel like garbage, rather than use some standard motivational line you would hear from a gym coach, I think to myself that I want to be able to stay up late and get up early the next day to work on games and I need to be able to have the energy and get better rest so I can design and build the games I want to make.

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