What Games Mean to Me #12 Help with Housework

Really, board games help keep my house cleaner than it normally would.

Stay with me, I will explain and it is quite simple.

I spend a lot of time working on game related content. Reading, writing, designing and building a business around board games takes up a lot of time. My wife gets to watching me on my computer everyday when she gets home from work. I am working on something that has to do with games. I need to be able to justify the time I spend working on games and one way I show is to keep up with the housework. I need to make sure that I do my share around the house and the way I do it is to do little bits at a time everyday. That might be to vacuum or to get some dishes done or wet wash the floor. You could say that I have added chores to my daily routine of game building.

Not only is the house more tidy than it used to be, my wife is happy that things are getting done around the house even when I am spending several hours everyday working on board game related stuff.

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