What Games Mean to Me #11 Gives Me Focus

Being part of the Millennial crowd, I have stereotypically little in the way of attention span. I was (and still am) a terrible student because school was boring on a scale of “there has to be a better way.” I took me into my late 20’s to get into reading books because I could not focus long enough to get into the story of a book.

Along comes board game and game design.

The best way I can describe it, is that my brain is wired for board games. Whether I am playing or making a board game, I am in constant problem solving mode with elements of creativity and fun thrown in. Because of this combination board games offers, I have found I am able to focus on designing a game for a days at a time. I am able to write a regular blog with almost daily content.

When I was in school, I figured out how to get straight B’s without trying. I would watch the kids in the higher level classes and wish I had the same level of focus they had. Thinking back, I wonder how far I could have taken my education if I had had the focus for school that I have now for board games.

Now that I have board games to carry my focus, I have a new found excitement for the process that is making games, building a community and building a company around a subject that makes me and my brain happy.

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