What Games Mean to Me #10 Way to Make Friends

Twitter and Star Realms

The games universe I live in starts with Twitter and Star Realms. When we joined Twitter last year, I did not go into it thinking that I would start making, what is a good term, digital friends or maybe just friends by talking about board games online. I thought I was going to talk about our games, learn about games and follow industry news. While all those are true, I am finding that I am building various friendships with different people from all over the place. As I learn about the people I talk to in the board game world, I find out they have some of the same interests I do….sports.

Star Realms(my game app of choice) comes along and now the people I interact with on Twitter (and other board game sites) and I can now have what feels like a continuous game to play. We talk about the games while we play them and other join in on the conversation, or trash talk and good times are had by all. Unless of course I am on a losing streak then I Star Realms hate everyone!

The point is, games make all of this possible. I get to make friends with all sorts of people from all walks of life all over the world. This goes beyond the social interactions I have with people at game night, this speaks to cultivating connections to people whom I would otherwise never known existed. Games have a power to expand my social horizons to places I never though of before I got into the hobby.

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