What Games Mean to Me #7 Games are my Retirement

Making and playing games will be the thing that I will do in my retirement.

Sure, there are other things I will be doing with my time, but games is the big one. Making games will be the big one because this is what will keep my brain sharp for as long as possible. I know that making and playing games makes my brain very happy. When I play a fast paced real time game, my brain is going nuts. Process this information and play this card before my opponent gets there. When I am playing a strategy game, I need to take into account all the information I have access to and make the right decisions in order to stick to my plan. I also think games will be a way for me to stay connected to younger people, particularly my future family and other younger people that I would hope be added to the hobby as it grows.

I also want to something to do when I am retired. I think games are going to be the best time filler, other than golf, but I have to plan for the possibility that I will not be as mobile as I am now. I can design and play games whenever/where ever. If I don’t have the time now to play the number of games I want to play, why on earth would I not use the time I have in retirement to play and design as often as I can?

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