What Games Mean to Me #5 My Games Are Part of My Legacy

I would like to leave the world a better place then I found it. I could plant some trees, pick up litter on my way, donate to a nature preserve etc. If children are in my future, I can teach them to be good people and carry on with the combination of my ideas for making the world a better place, mix it with their own and part of me will carry one. While I plan on doing all those things, I want my legacy to reach out to more people.

I look at the games we create as a way for people to come together years from now and enjoy spending time with one another. I want our games to teach people, young and old, about the teaching benefits games have to offer. I want people to understand the social benefits  a game has to offer. I want people look at one of our games and have a good feeling of friends and family, and maybe a few feelings of crushing the soul of their buddies because not winning a game for the sake of ruining your buddies day is sometimes more important!

At some point, I will be gone, but our games can live forever. The name on the front of a box, our company logo or the titles of our games can all stand for the fun and joy that can be had with family and friends. I like the idea that people can be playing out games a century from now. Students can learn, friends can blow up space ships and families can have a laugh. My games are part of my legacy and knowing that people could be playing our games many years in the future; helps give me motivation to make our games the best they can be.

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