What Games Mean to Me #4 Get Me Out of My Natural Shell

I know I have already said I am in introvert and that games are a social experience worth having.What I want to get across here is that even in a group of people I know, I say very little. If we are in a one on one situation I am a complete chatter box, but when my wife and I attend a holiday party or a basic get together, I am the quiet one. I am happy to stand in the circle, but I don’t really say that much.

Board games act as a way for me to interact with the people I am close to, yes that sounds weird….but…..it is what it is! Board games give me a chance to be myself in a setting where everyone is pre-programmed to have some fun. Aidan and I are always trying to beat the living daylights out of each other and while this means we will never win the game we happen to be playing, I get to be myself. Conversations are started from the games we play. We will spend time talking about the games we played last week and we will talk about the games Aidan and I are working on. Our friends have a genuine interest in what we are doing and that really help in the confidence area.

Board games enable me to be a better friend because board games are a fun and irregular topic where people get excited to talk about them and I have a lot of knowledge about the subject because of what we do as a side business/hobby.

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