What Games Mean to Me #3 Social Experience Worth Having

I am an introvert and meeting new people is not an easy exercise for me. I have a problem with coming across as aloof and disinterested. The truth is, I would prefer to skip the small talk when meeting new people. Board games offer a perfect avenue to meet and get to know people. Board games act as a go between people I am meeting for the first time. We can talk about the games we like to play, the games we have on our wish list and the game we are currently playing. We can share the experience of learning a game together or we can help one another learn the basics of games one of us has already played.

Beyond the individual interactions, we can learn about the players that seem to have incredible luck or the person that is somehow always the traitor. When people play games, they have a personality that may or may not be the same as their real life personality, but the point is that people have a personality. Small talk is boring, games bring out an unguarded side of people that is much easier to meet because we are having a shared experience over killing goblins and locating spies.

Board games are a social experience worth having. Board games cut through most of the small talk that I would prefer to skip until a later date. Being that we are social beings, having board games act as a conduit for me to meet new people and make friends is an experience worth having and sharing with as many people as possible. I have board game friends that I have never met in person, but I have played games with them. The first time I go to a con, I will have friends there already to meet and play games with. Board games make the social experience easier and more enjoyable. I consider it a privilege to make games so that people can come together and make friends while playing our games.

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