What has TGIK Games been up to? #12

Update of Current Games

Now that Charge! and Priests of Olympus have reached the art stage of development, we are ready to move on to our next projects. This weekend we decided what projects we would be working on next. The next six to eight weeks are really important for us because the more we can get done while we wait for art, the farther ahead we will

Arrrsteroid Miners

This has moved to the top of our list. I have not been able to focus on this game in a while but now that we have the open development time, we are really interested in fleshing out the rest of the mechanics and getting this in to prototype form.

Soccer GM

This is number two on the project list. We have playtested the version we’ve got and while we really like the game as it is, we know that the roster creation mechanics need to be streamlined. The possibility for analysis paralysis is really strong in this game and while Aidan loves to tinker with his roster for 15-20 minutes between each season….I do not. Since he and I act as a good proxy for a quick play and AP player with this type of game, we need to work on making the roster process faster.

Deck Builder

Third on the active list is a deck builder game. Well, I say game and I should really say a mechanic. I have described an interesting deck building process and we both like the idea enough to place it third on the development list. We have nothing beyond the mechanic to build from but all games have to start somewhere.

Slow Burn Collaboration

We have also started a slow burn collaboration project where we are going to work on the core mechanics. Once those are finished we are going to circle back with the designer we are collaborating with and if we all like where the mechanics are, we will proceed from there. Since both sides of this collaboration have other projects on the go, we have agreed this is going to be a slow burn project for all of us.

Charge! & Priests of Olympus

These are in the hands of our artist. While we wait


Between me going to an UnPub mini and Jon going to BGGcon, throw in Thanksgiving and that means we have not had a chance to sit down and record our next episode. Hopefully we can record an episode this week.

TGIK Games

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