Programming Note – Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week is like Sunday, No post for Thanksgiving week…

This week is Thanksgiving. What that means for the blog is that I will have friends and family floating around and I am not really sure what I will be able to do for posting to the blog this week. I should have written a bunch of posts last weekend and scheduled them, but available time did not work out that way. So this week, I will be posting some archive posts from the How to Build a Game series. Take a walk down not too distant memory lane and bask in the magnificence that was my poor writing skills before I had several hours of post writing experience. Not that I am going to write any Pulitzer Prizes, but writing a lot really does improve your writing skillz!

From the Ashes of a week off from posting……A New Series!

I have been mulling over some new ideas for a series and I think I have found one that I can get behind and I already have a few ideas. I will be writing a new series about why I design games. I was feeling slightly philosophical on the way home from work and a few ideas hit me at once. I thought about it some more and I figured I could turn one long post about why I design games into a series. While I like to write posts that are helpful to other designers to get them to think about how they are designing games, I think this might be a good way to help designers think about why they are designing their games. Not exactly a nuts and bolts series like H2BaG but I feel good about the idea and I hope you are able to get something from it.

Speaking of the H2BaG series……

What would you like me to add to the series? As it stands I have 30+ posts waiting to be written. So, while I am not hurting for current or future content, I think I should start reaching out to the readers and get their feedback about what they would like me to add to the series. I will have a sub-series starting that will be under the H2BaG umbrella and it will cover the specifics of Post #22 about refining our process. I also have 25 or so unique posts that need to be written.

Please shoot me an email at or leave a comment below. We have been talking to a few of you about starting a Google hangout game building workshop thing. We are collecting feedback and will pick a day that works best for the most people. With the holiday season upon us and my trip to Hawaii next month, I am thinking we will start in January and we might have one Saturday get together in December…..possibly the first Saturday…..What I want you to take from that is that the Google Hangout is going to happen, we just have to settle on the day. Thank you very much to the people who have reached out to me and expressed interest. It means a lot and really helps me on the days I don’t have the focus to write or design. Your encouragement is helpful beyond belief.

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