What has TGIK Games been up to? #11

Update of Current Games


We took Charge! to the UnpubMini in SD last weekend and it was a blast. The day started off slow but all that changes when we came back from lunch. Before I was finished with my food, I had my first group of people ask to play the game. For the next 6 hours I was talking about and playing Charge! The feedback was great, nothing systemic (which was awesome!). At one point I had a play tester sit at the table for about an hour and before she left, she was running the demo for me!

A) That was awesome

B) My voice was on the verge of collapse, so the break was welcomed.

The feedback forms we had after the show were all positive. May people asked when the game would be available and we have started a list of people to contact when the Kickstarter campaign is live. It is great to feel like the development of the game is done and now we can focus on art and send out review copies once the art is done. We will probably get a PnP file together as well. If you would like to get your hands on the PnP file please shoot us an email and we will keep a list of interested people.

Priests of Olympus

Priests of Olympus also went to SD and it was just as successful as Charge! The feedback we got was great. There were no systemic changes anyone wanted for the game. What we like to ask people when they have constructive criticism of the game is if the game did not include their suggestions, would it be a deal breaker for the game, or would they still play/buy it. No one said no. Now you could say they just didn’t want to answer truthfully in front of the designers, but judging by the way people answered our questions, we believe they were sincere. People enjoyed the simple yet strategic combat system. The game played in a good amount of time. While Aidan was running the Priests table, it seemed like people were able to pick up the game quickly. I will leave more of the details to Aidan but from what I was able to see and hear, it was a great test.

We believe we are done with the development of this game as well. We just need to move onto art and then we we can work on getting review copies out to people. This will have a PnP file as well, if you would like the files when they are ready please let us know.

Priests of Olympus

Priests of Olympus

Priests of Olympus

Priests of Olympus

Testing/UnPub Mini SD

Our trip down to SD was an incredible trip. We feel great about what we have put together so far and we were able to meet a lot of great designers and great play testers. Thank you to Galvanized Studios for putting the even together, they dud a great job.

We did learn some great lessons at this event and we now have a really good feel for what we want to do in future events like this. The biggest lesson is to bring a friend that is willing to take pictures and document the day. The two pictures I have here are the only two pictures I was able to take the whole day. I will probably write more about this in a H2BaG series.


The first episode of Cardboard Architects is online. We are working on the submission process for iTunes and working on all the little things I need to learn about that go into posting a spreading the news about the podcast. We hope you enjoy and hope you stick around for more episodes to come.

TGIK Games

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