How to Build a Game #28 Build and Maintain A Box of Many Things

One of the tools I find to be most useful when working on games is what I call my “box of many things”. This is a box we use to store all of the game building supplies we need for whatever part of the process we are dealing with. Most of the supplies and things we keep in the box are meant for prototype build but here is a partial list of things we keep on hand:

  • scissors
  • Exacto knife w/ small plastic cutting board to cut on
  • rulers
  • card sleeves and dollar store decks of standard playing cards
  • index cards (various size and color)
  • accordion organizing file folders (dollar store small version perfect for index cards)
  • big bag of dice
  • color pencils
  • dry erase pens
  • pens/pencils
  • random bits and bobs of various quantity that can be used for pieces

While the contents of the above list might be a bit designer 101, but the importance of having the supplies at the ready can not be overstated. Having these supplies on hand is the kind of thing that will save you time, keep you in a groove and help out greatly when you have a moment of inspiration and you want to try out a mechanic.

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