How to Build a Game #21 A Different Way to Playtest

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not sure if this is common among designers, but it is a technique I use to make our games so here goes….

Since getting together to playtest our games can be a challenge, I like to run thought experiments as playtests for our games. I use them as a way to test the min/max strategies players like to use to break games. I will give one “player” a powerful position in the game and I will think about the ways other players can either bring them down from the position or build themselves up to match their position. Another procedure I will think my way through is strategy and how to implement those strategies. I like using this method to find out if the game can reasonably build different paths to victory, or not even victory, can a player try a different strategy and gather the required cards/resources/allies to complete their strategy.

While there is no way to test for all the different ways players find to “stress” the game, using some thought experiment is a good way to quickly run though various scenarios when you are working on the game yourself.

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