How to Build a Game #20 Give Yourself a Challenge

If you are like me (and I think most designers), you have multiple projects going on at one time. In my experience, I get temporarily burnt out on a project and I need to move on to something else for a little while. If I feel really unproductive I will come up with a challenge for myself. I find that these little challenges are good for keeping my head in the game, HEYO!, but giving my brain a break from the grind that can be design. Sometimes I use these challenges as a way to close out the day and sometime I use them as a transition from one project to another.

Example Challenges:

  • Start with 10 standard themes with each theme, add 3 “tweaks” of your own to each
  • Set yourself a list of limits and build a game around them
  • Pick a specific action and use 5 different mechanics to accomplish said action, or as close as possible
  • Pick a theme and brainstorm 4-5 different, what I will call, game seeds from that theme

I never look at these challenges as a way to accomplish anything other than exercising my designer brain with what I consider “light lifting”. I say that because I am not trying to accomplish anything specific. However, that does not mean that I come away from these challenges with no good material.

So think about setting some challenges for yourself when you have the time and see what it does for you. You could come away with new ideas, full games, or just get a break from the design grind.

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