What has TGIK Games been up to? #9

Update of Current Games

This was the first weekend where I worked full time on both Saturday and Sunday to move TGIK Games forward. Sadly, not very much of it was current or new game related, but I did do a lot of the behind the scenes set up stuff that makes doing what we want to do on a regular basis smoother and more efficient.

Soccer GM

Second weekend in a row we did not get to work on Soccer GM. It might be a little bit until we get back to this game, at least on the weekend, because we need to focus on other things. Soccer GM is top of the list for projects to develop when we get back, but for now, the game is what it is.

Arrrsteroid Miners

At this point, I have done as much as I can with the prototype that includes all the elements Aidan and I have discussed. The next part of the prototype process is to work on the market system Aidan has up his sleeve and finish up the NPC pirates and miners.


We have our first art files! Please feel free to tell us what you think. You can comment on the post or email me at c.renshall.tgik.games@gmail.com.

A little walk through of what you are looking at. The first file is what we are now looking at as the card backs. We really like the shield and the wings. The crown and the other embellishments are not high on out list but we really want to get people’s feedback. The various shield and sword files were the intended card backs but the work better as a game icon where the shield and wings has a “coolness” to them. The two files that include the blue flamed catapult balls are a look at the overall color pallet we are looking at using for Charge!

As well as the art, we have started working on a last edit of the rules before we send them out to the layout artist.

Those are the two big developments on Charge! Art and finalizing rules.

background-2 banner-back better-sword charge-green download_20141014_175907 drop green-fireball

Dice Inc. / Priests of Olympus

We talked briefly about the name “Priests of Olympus” and we decided we were going to stick with that as the new title. While this is the other rule book we need to focus on, we need to finish the other book first and this will be next.

Tree House Kids: See You After School

This is our newest game. The idea is the player will run or be part of one of two teams of kids. Each team will have a tree house as their base and half a field to start a game. Battles will be fought after school and while everyone is at school, each team will be working to get other school kids to join their team. Each team will be allowed to build expansions onto their tree house. Kids will use fun weapons like plunger bolt cross bows and dog droppings grenades. We have spent a grand total of an hour talking about how this game will work. This means that nothing is set in stone right now but we are both excited about making this a live project and it will join the game queue.

Side Projects 


DUe to technical difficulties, we were not able to record an episode of the podcast last week. So, we are going to try again this week.

If you would like to listen to our pilot episode, please email me at c.renshall.tgik.games@gmail.com. The Podcast will be a 15-20 minute microcast focused on the design side of board games. We want to provide a window into the world of design while exploring the use of design concepts and ideas.


He is a busy man, I can’t keep up with his schedule!

TGIK Games

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If you have comments or questions about our projects or anything else, please feel free to comment below or email me at c.renshall.tgik.games@gmail.com

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