What has TGIK Games been up to? #9

Update of Current Games

Nothing profound or life changing to say before we get to the games…..Nothing to see here folks…..move along!

Soccer GM

We did not have a chance to work on Soccer GM this weekend. Aidan is the lead for Soccer GM so he may have put some work into Soccer GM during the week. I think we are at a point were we need to run two or three more test between the two of us and we need to make an alpha board and we will be ready to test with real live people!

Arrrsteroid Miners

We were able to move the mechanics along to a point where we can finish the last few parts of the prototype and get in our first plays of the game. When I started Arrrsteroid Miners, I was thinking I could make a prototype from the very beginning and well, I have been proven wrong. I was able to build 1/3 of the pieces needed but had to flesh out some of the mechanics in order to make a reasonable prototype.


Big news, we have our first big meeting for art work. Up until now, we have been talking about ideas, but not laid out a plan. Tuesday, we are going to lay out a plan and you will be able to see the art as we progress through the process.

Dice Inc.

The theme-less wonder that is Dice Inc has been re-themed and renamed. Priests of Olympus is the new name for the game. We spend a lot of time trying to fit the mechanics to a real world example and well, that was a bit of a disaster. After 2 hours of trying to think of options, we left the real world and went with a more forgiving theme. Even though the mechanics of the game are based in reality and very close to actual market transactions, we could not get a match that felt right, so we went a completely different direction and went with players being Gods upon Mt. Olympus, moving their priests around the world gaining followers.

Line Drive

In the interested of moving stranded projects along, we have made a board for Line Drive, our baseball game. Since we were done with the rules and ready to test, it made more sense to have a board for the game, so we made one, and now we are going to test it. No time like the present.

The Flicked Element

The Flicked Element is a dexterity game we whipped up months ago, tested it with some friends and it worked really well. The problem has always been the board we used was a piece of poster board, which is tough to transport, and we could never find a reasonably sized substitute for the board. We ended up finding a precut presentation foam core board that folds up and lied flat. There is a small issue with a warp in the board but I think we can fix it with some time and some weights. As soon as that is fixed (as much as it can be) we are going to test the game.


Looks like we have a lot of testing ahead of us. I am really looking forward to it since it would be nice to have a “portfolio” of options to test with people at our FLGS and the 2-3 game groups we game with during the month.

Side Projects 


I have the same side project that is starting for real this week. Last week we have a scheduling problem so we had to push back our first recording day to this coming Wednesday. I guess I will have to move the Podcast to the regular updates section at some point? I have left the description of our podcast below and my contact email if you would like to hear the pilot episode.

If you would like to listen to our pilot episode, please email me at c.renshall.tgik.games@gmail.com. The Podcast will be a 15-20 minute microcast focused on the design side of board games. We want to provide a window into the world of design while exploring the use of design concepts and ideas.


He is a busy man, I can’t keep up with his schedule!

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