How to Build a Game #13 Find a Working Method

Designers should take the time to figure out their ideal work method. And by that I mean, how do you best function to create games and stay focused for the amount of time required to make games?

Example Time!

I work on games everyday after work, in my dining room while my wife watches TV. I will have music playing, podcasts running, or extended You Tube videos (I am watching a Tie Fighter play through right now) in the background while I work on whatever game project I have in front of me. I use this method because if I tried to work upstairs in my office, my wife would never see me and while I love designing board games, I love my wife more and don’t want her to think my face belongs on the side of a milk carton.  On the weekends I work on Saturdays with Aidan and will work Sunday at my dining room table, with the sporting event of the day on in the background.

As you can see, I need a lot going on around me in order for me to focus. This is what you should look for as well. Figure out the best environment for focus and set up that environment as much as you can.

Even if that environment is relative chaos or NOC list computer room quiet(extra points for telling me where that reference is from), spend time thinking about your method.

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