What has TGIK Games been up to? #5

Update of Current Games

So, I was on vacation last week and I tried something crazy……I unplugged…..sort of…..by choice…..but not really. Let me explain. Turns out that not taking a vacation for 18 months means you accrue lots of vacation days. In the interest of not losing said vacation days I took last week off and it was very busy and very nice. When I told my wife I was taking a week off and the to-do list started. With the home to-do list complete, I had to figure out who of my buddies I was going to hang out with during my week free from day job obligation. Most of my buddies have weird work hours that is awesome for hanging out in the afternoon but lousy for hanging out on the weekends. I had grand plans to make great progress on game designs, I was going to blog twice a day for a week. It was going to be great. Instead, I worked on the house, napped, went to lunch once with a buddy and stayed off the internet way more than I was expecting, and to be honest, it was kind of nice.

Among the various tasks I had to take care of during the week, I had to get us ready for Strategicon. This was going to be our first con is we were going to do a little guerrilla marketing. Our plan was to go to open gaming, take over a table and make it ours. We had signs up asking for play testers, set up our prototypes so passersby could see them and we played the game with anyone that wanted a demo or a full play through. I plan on writing up a full report on our Saturday at our first con but for now just know we had a great time!

So ends the preamble, on to the games.


Charge is still live on The Game Crafter and we are now working on the updated rule book. I think I may have said I was going to update it two weeks ago, but we have made a small tweak to the rules and we need to update the rules.


Dice Inc.

The Dice Inc. prototypes have been finished, all ten of them. We took Dice Inc to Strategicon and we played it 3 times and demoed once. We have a few small changes to make, unfortunately, one of those changes means I need to remake the reference boards…..the joys of prototyping and testing at the same time. I will include a fuller report this week on what we learned and what we are changing.


Side Projects 


I have no idea what I am up to this week. I have a list of things that I need to start working on or continue working on and I need to take the time to organize that list. I did clean my dining room table so I should be able to spend some time tonight getting my thoughts together and moving forward on what I need to do this week. Vacations really kill momentum.


Aidan has started school so he is on his school schedule once again. What that means is that I have no idea what he is doing with his schedule and I am sure he is not entirely clear on that himself.

What we have going on this week

I have no idea!

The point of this post is to let you know that we are back and should be back on a regularly scheduled program.

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