What has TGIK Games been up to? #4

Update of Current Games

No Preamble, just the update


We played two more tests of Charge! and I think we have the game done, thats right done. Now that the game is basically done, we will turn our focus to the artwork. Here is an early logo design we have in the works (thanks to Talon Strikes Studios). We are also working with Tim Beard for Charge! art as well, when we have more previews from our artists we will show them off! We have also made the prototype live on The Game Crafter (4-Deck) (2-Deck). These are still in prototype form and changes will be made as we make updates.


Dice Inc.

We were able to play test Dice Inc two times last week and it was great! The first test included 3 players who had never seen the game before and all three liked it. Everyone had suggestions for the game, and the most encouraging part of those suggestions was that none of them were major changes. We even went so far as to explain some of the advanced mechanics we were thinking about adding to the game and the comment was,”I think the game will really shine when you add that in.” That really made us feel good about where we are at and where we are going so far with Dice Inc. The second play test was the a group of seasoned gamers and they liked the game as well. None of them had seen the game and they tried extreme strategies to see where it would take them. The end result was that we need to question whether one of the cuts we made to the game needs to be brought back or added as an optional turn phase? We also started to build 10 prototypes this weekend. I spent a lot of Sunday making the game board hexes. It was a long day but the rest of the prototype building should be quicker. I am just glad the big hurdle at the start is done.

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Side Projects 


Arrrrsteroid Miners has been put on hold and I have been reading here and there about marketing tactics. I think I will be experimenting more with marketing this week than reading about it because at some point, you have to try it rather than read about it! My focus for the week will be to polish up the rules for Charge! and start the rules for Dice Inc. Now that we have the tweaks ironed out for DI, we can start on a rule book.


Aidan has been working on Soccer GM and a Roman mass audience game. He pitched them to me in their most recent form last week and we are going to sit down with our potential next projects this weekend and figure out what we want to do with these various designs.

What we have going on this week

Dice Inc. Prototypes

My goal is to finish the prototypes for Dice Inc so I can send some out and have others ready for local testing.

Rules Books

Honestly, this will and should take up most of my design time. Lots of rule writing to catch up on and because of that…

No Time for Anything else

….I will have little time for much else.

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