What has TGIK Games been up to? #3

Update of Current Games

We were able to get back on a normal sleep schedule, well mostly. We were able to work on new projects and move forward with our live projects. Overall a good week for us.


We finished our walk through video for Charge! We plan to re-shoot it when we have art added to the cards. We wanted to have a basic video available for people to watch since Charge! will be at Gen Con this year. Art is in a bit of a holding pattern due to artist availability, so no news there.

Dice Inc.

We were able to get an informal play test of Dice Inc accomplished. We were able to play the game with 5 people for the first time and the dice movement and combat phase of the game was awesome! Time spent moving was a bit of a concern, but it may be a product of trying to learn a game and learn the strategy at the same time. I have to remind myself not to be afraid of the player learning curve. Gamers are not afraid to take the time to learn if they can see the great game underneath the learning process, and we think Dice Inc. is a great game….no bias! All the parts we have ordered are in and we can start making prototypes. We need one more play test to iron out a couple rules and then we will be full steam ahead on Dice Inc protos.

Side Projects 


I have been working on our space mining game. I really like where the project head headed. I think I have the basic frame for the game done. Now I need to flesh out more of the game and start working on a first simple proto type so I can test the movement of pieces. I have also taken a keen interest in learning about proper marketing. I have been helping out on an upcoming Kickstarter campaign and it has been a lot of fun. This has inspired me to look into helping more people with KS marketing, game marketing ideas and overall brand marketing.


Since the video for Charge! is done for now, I think Aidan will be spending more time on the Soccer GM game. I have not seen his notes as of yet so I am not sure what progress he has made. We have talked about it briefly, but progress is slow due to the challenge and the demands on his time.

What we have going on this week

Arrrrsteroid Miners

With some help from our twitter friends, we gave the space mining game a working title, Arrrsteroid Miners. We will be working on fleshing out the game and making the first basic prototype so we can self test the game and wee if it works.

Marketing Research

I will be doing some research about marketing in general and specific to board games. For the longest time I have stayed away from a lot of the Kickstarter best practices content because we are so far away from launching out first campaign. But now that we are looking at helping others with their campaigns, I will be jumping into the deep end.

Dice Inc Test

We have another play test coming up on Wednesday. We are close to a final blind test version of the rules. We will give them a go and if we like it, we will write them up and send them out with the new protos. I feel confident that parts list is complete, we just need to finalize a starting set of rules.

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