What has TGIK Games been up to? #2

Update of Current Games

Life has kind of taken over our schedule the past week and a half. We have not been able to focus on our games as much as we would prefer, but we hope to be back at it “full time” in the next day or two.


We are still working on the art, nothing yet to show off, but things are happening! We have finished shooting a better walk through for Charge! Aidan has been learning a new video editing system and he is really excited at the prospects of what he can do with our videos. I have no idea what he has in mind for the new Charge! walk through but I am looking forward to the results. We did end up changing our minds about the PnP files. Over the course of our research regarding PnP files, we concluded that the number of cards required to cut and sleeve was too many and if we went to the trouble of making the PnP files, I am not sure how many people would actually create the game. We have decided to make the PnP files available when we go to KS, but until then we will try other methods of getting Charge! out into the world.

Dice Inc.

All the prototype supplies have been ordered and we are waiting delivery. That is the only update we have at this time. i wish I had more but we just didn’t have time the past week to focus anything on this project.

Side Projects 


I am still working with the Musketeers micro game but I keep jumping from one style of game to another. I am not really sure at this point how I am going to settle the debate in my head. Since I do most of my thinking on my drive home, I have not made any physical progress on the project. However, I have made the conclusion that there are other projects on the list that are worth the time, so I am going to switch back to the space mining game we are working on as my side project.


Similar to my issues with Musketeers Micro, Aidan is back and forth on various mechanics for the Soccer GM game. I think his focus will be finishing the walk thorough video for Charge! so I am not sure what, if any, progress will be made on the Soccer GM game.

What we have going on this week

Company Logo

I happen to know that at the time of this writing, the first sketches of our new logo are being worked on…..exciting!

Dice Inc Walk Through

Not knowing how long the Charge! walk through would take, we were not able to so anything with the Dice Inc. walk through. Also, the WT of Dice Inc. is going to be much longer than Charge! so we will need to create a new plan of attack for that video.

Finish Charge! Walk Through

Filming is done! Now we just need to finish the editing, and by we I mean Aidan.

Space Mining

The plan is to sit down and finish a rough prototype for this game. Might even write down some of the rules! As of now the rules are pictures on my phone of the white board rules we wrote down during brainstorming.


Need to catch up on sleep so I can work on games when I get home from work instead of taking a long nap and the next thing I know I need to run an errand or two and then the evening is gone…..ugh.

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