Game Convention Tip of the Day: Always Carry Cash

While we are not going to GenCon this year, this is some sage advice on “how-to” at a convention

Cooking Up Fun


So you’re going to your first gaming convention and you plan on buying tons of games! But you don’t know what to do, carry your cash around in your pocket or just bring the good old plastic and swipe, swipe, swipe away. Both have their upsides and their downsides.

If you’re anything like me than you hate carrying around large sums of money in your pocket. Afraid you’ll drop some, or you’ll be stuck carrying your own body mass in little coins. So you use plastic, and you use it a lot. Well that fine, but at a gaming convention the green is key.

First of all not many smaller publishers or companies will have the cool iPad with the card slider on it. Or perhaps they don’t carry around the PayPal or you don’t have your PayPal set up yet. Perhaps you can’t even get a good enough signal…

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